What is Hosting?

Simply Hosting is understood under the accommodation of Internet projects of all kinds on a server from which these projects can also be called öffendlich.

This task is performed by WupDes as an Internet provider or just as a web host and thus provides you with web space, databases, e-mail addresses and other products. WupDes as a provider puts on your web server by you such as customers. B. FTP uploades from web pages, and possibly even take over the registration of TLDs and the notice via DNS.

Our services are in the field of hosting and web space in our packets belongs among others:

  • Providing web space, web hosting and domains
  • Providing databases, such. As MySQL or Oracle
  • Registration of TLDs
  • E-Mail Hosting
  • Providing complete systems Store
  • Providing complete CMS systems

The service enabled by us as a web hosting web space is used by you as a customer to publish your web pages. Which may include:

  • Private sites
  • Commercial Internet projects
  • And company websites

Also complex programs, or applications which may consist of a variety of scripting and programming languages​​. Due to the large range in our industry, you should be fully informed about the various other providers and look at exactly what experiences they have and what the other users have already collected.

Special emphasis should be here on time, which is the seller operates, Just compare the prices of the individual products webspace. Please, do not overlook that your prices indicate many providers per month, and the stated annual prize often seems expensive at first glance.

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